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Coming up this Thursday 18th May and over the



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Everything glowed with a gleam; yet we were looking away! is a group exhibition of four artists showing together at Redlees Gallery in Isleworth, London, for the first time. They have found commonalities in their practice through the discoveries, recollections and associations of the minutiae of everyday life, the title from the final lines of Thomas Hardy’s poem The Self-Unseeing.

Eastwood’s work in this exhibition alludes to the title, ‘Everything glowed with a gleam; yet we were looking away!’ A reminder, in this world of distractions, to be present in the moment. To appreciate the small, seemingly insignificant, details around us. For Rolls, the title suggests the presence of something absolute and beautiful that we do not recognise at the time and only appreciate once it has gone. “The extract has a foreboding prescience about the planet: nature is there in all its beauty but we have been looking away and taking it for granted.” March’s work suggests taking a second look at the tropes of visual culture, while Brewer draws our attention to the beauty and fascination of the hidden natural world.

Lizzie Brewer is mixed media conceptual artist whose work is centred round the complexity of drawing. Scale and material properties are very important and provide the key experimental core from which she developes these ideas in scientific terms. She finds inspiration and connectivity in the surprising revelations which are exposed with the free use of materials and magnification of chosen objects. She make often makes work which turns into Artists Books. She has spent the past year working on drawings associated with fungus and mycelium. These were based on some rotting vegetative material which was cultivated over time to produce funghi.

Richard Eastwood graduated in Fine Art (painting) from Chelsea School of Art in 1974 and has continued his career as a painter, scenic artist and lecturer whilst running a successful scenic construction company with his business partner.

Nicki Rolls has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Her solo exhibitions include RuptureXIBIT, London (upcoming), One Paved Court, London (2022) and Hayward Gallery’s Concrete Cafe, London (2012). Selected previous group exhibitions include Mall Galleries, London (Upcoming and 2022), Filter4, Basel Switzerland (2017), APT Gallery, London (2016) and Bargehouse, London (2015). She won the First Prize Student Award in the Jerwood Drawing Prize, London (2011). She gained her Masters in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art in 2011 and graduated in a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art in 2005.

Alex March Solo exhibitions include MISSIVE, an exhibition of 365 collages at RuptureXIBIT, London (2022) and at The China Shop Gallery, Oxford. Selected screenings at the London Film Festival (ICA),and the Liverpool Radical Film Festival, exhibited in selected group shows at the Zabludowicz gallery, APT Gallery, and the Barbican, London and internationally at Brukenthal National Museum, Romania, and in New York. She has been shortlisted for the Jealous Print Prize, The Future Map 11 Prize and appeared in the Catlin Guide in 2012. She was a Founder/Director of ArtLacuna artist project space and studio between 2013 and 2015. She has a Masters of Fine Art from Wimbledon College of Art in 2011, and studied Theatre Design also at Wimbledon College of Art. She has been an Art Lecturer since 2017.




The Self-Unseeing, By Thomas Hardy

    Here is the ancient floor,

    Footworn and hollowed and thin,

    Here was the former door

    Where the dead feet walked in.


    She sat here in her chair,

    Smiling into the fire;

    He who played stood there,

    Bowing it higher and higher.


    Childlike, I danced in a dream;

    Blessings emblazoned that day

    Everything glowed with a gleam;

    Yet we were looking away!


Private View:

Thursday 18th November 5-7pm
Everyone welcome!

The exhibition continues throughout the weekend:
Saturday 20th May: 11am-5pm
Sunday 21st May: 11am-5pm

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Upcoming in Brentford in September 2023

Redlees artists will be participating in the Brentford Creative Mile again this year. We will be mounting another exciting show at the Brentford Project Space, in Catherine Wheel Street, Brentford


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