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Peter Smith                        
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Peter is a professional artist working in ceramics since the 1990s and he has been an active member of Artists@Redlees for over 15 years.

Works are mostly thrown on the potter's wheel using white stoneware, crank and porcelain clays to create functional and decorative wares. Many pieces are altered or combined following throwing to create unique pottery.  Peter uses a limited glaze range which includes is own glaze and englobe colours.  Hand building either by coiling or slab building all features in some of the sculptural work produced at Redlees Studios.

Peter has become an expert in raku firing using reduction raku glaze recipes as well as porcelain and terra sigilatta slips which produce naked raku surfaces.  Peter has developed a purpose built raku kiln for firing larger scale raku sculptures.

Recently, Peter has begun to experiment with pit firing and charcoal firing kilns and has ventured into the use of kintsugi pottery repair techniques.

Commissions are welcome, subject to time available in the studio.

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