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Lynsey Storer

My interest between working monochromatically and switching into colour is a conscious decision.  I had been working on paintings in black and white which revealed the differences of landscapes in the UK, Nepal and Uganda. These  were completed over a period of 3 years and toured to venues in the three countries. 

In 2020, as Lock-down hit the UK, I relocated from London to Worksop to be with my family. I embarked upon daily walks and recorded my observations in sketchbooks. The colours of the ever-changing landscape were not something which I could omit. My sketches alongside photographs and plein air paintings, provided me with the stimulus for a body of work which I am paintings. I commandeered a space in my Mum’s house, set up a studio and created.

In my childhood years, My Father was a Gamekeeper and much of my youth was spent in the fields and woodlands of Clumber and Hardwick.  As a teenager I painted the countryside around me and during Lock-down I felt propelled to capture my observations, to document the time. 'Bird Song' is the first of this series. Watch this space as my work develops.

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