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Najha Saleh

My works are not linked with every day’s needs and necessities. I believe Ceramics are not only for the purposes of decorating the exteriors of food plates, water pots or vases, but they are aesthetic valuables in their own right, with roots that go back to Sumerian wall decorations and the Islamic art of mosaics which is rich in the Iraqi cultural environment. I consider the base of the Ceramic as a window displaying fixed memories about those aesthetic items I went through and which are sometimes linked with a scene from every day life.

The doors, windows and drapes form a consistent value in my works, but to me these things are raw materials that can be reformed and re-used inside human, botanical and stone construction that is more comprehensive. It consists of elements of clay, water, fire & glaze. Shapes are always made in overlapping creations; its ornaments proceed from its own elements, not from outside solid.

I also think that the formation of anything out of ceramic is an architectural creation rather than a decorative one. Consequently, I am careful with colours and intend on bringing out several shades from the Ceramic material itself. My work consists of the drama of the sculptural arts, for the women who lean over their brothers are constant witnesses.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any peace of my work.

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